Favorite Dog Product

Kong Zoom GroomKong Zoom Groom Brush

I have used these for years and they are wonderful for shorter hair dogs like Labrador Retrievers.  Very durable, last for years and also great to use while washing your dog.  Various sizes available and gentle enough for puppies. I tend to shy away from metal type brushes as have had some negative results. I have used these a few times for new puppy gifts and they are always well received.

Kong Zoom Groom Dog Brush

Have you used these?

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Berlin & Tromso Travel Plans


Excited that we have a trip booked to Berlin, Germany & Tromso, Norway in the New Year.  Joining my Sister & her Husband. My Sister lives in another country and when we have the opportunity to travel and share time together we do – not often enough though!

Now time to research and plan all the activities…… Northern light walking hikes, Husky or Reindeer Sleigh Rides, Whale Watching, Food Tours, Berlin Wall etc…..

I always want to do everything possible, but have learnt to be a bit more selective and not rush around too much.  I do also enjoy a good food and/or haunted walking tour when they are available as you end up seeing places you never would have known about.

If you have you been to Berlin or Tromso in Winter? Would love to hear of any tips and must sees!

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Link Likes This Week

Links this week seem to be all food related as Thanksgiving is just days away……

Great article. Enjoy the Holidays & don’t get caught up in overspending Choose Holiday Traditions That Serve you

Same time and use store bought dinner rolls How to Dress Up Store-Bought Dinner Rolls

Trying Cornish Hens this year as we have a small Thanksgiving gathering and a large Turkey will just go to waste.  Just starting to look for recipes. This one looked nice and simple and I can use the rosemary I have growing Cornish Game Hens with Garlic & Rosemary

I always find a new healthy recipe to try each week on this blog. Great way to get in extra vegetables. I’ve been spiralizing vegetables for a year plus now and have never bought more zucchinis in my whole life.    I have never been fond of cooked zucchinis, however as raw vegie noodles they are wonderful.   Inspiralized   Trying out the Thai & Quinoa Zucchini Noodle Salad today.

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IKEA Carafe

Ikea Vardagen Carafe with lid

I did an IKEA run this last weekend. I usually only stop by IKEA a few times a year to stock up on a few favorites.  I hadn’t noticed these before so I grabbed one to try.   I was looking for something that didn’t take up much room in the fridge to store brewed green tea and these are perfect and very inexpensive. Nice for serving water at the table as well.  Now I need to buy a few more as I like it so much. Much better than bulkier jugs. 34oz $2.99 17oz $1.99

I always make sure to stock up on  plain white paper napkins as well. FANTASTISK Paper Napkin

I’ve been planning on getting some Hemnes dressers for a guest room but decided to wait until they go on sale as it’s not an immediate need. I usually see them go on sale a few times a year with the friends & family discount.  I plan to upgrade them a bit with nicer hardware or overlays.

What are your favorite items to get at IKEA?

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Favorite Dog Product

Cough Drop

Cough Drop Spray

Highly recommend this spray if you have a dog that sounds like she has breathing issues sometimes. More importantly please see your vet  as soon as possible if your dog has any type of breathing issues and/or have noticed increase in labored breathing or panting.

I have a 13-year-old dog that went through throat tie back surgery earlier this year because of Laryngeal Paralysis (LP).  I keep two of these bottles in the house for quick access. I use this if she seems to be having trouble breathing or sounds like she is starting to make a regurgitating sound.  I just spray it around her in the air or on the bedding below her head and her breathing  usually returns to normal within a few minutes.  If this doesn’t help her after a few tries then I know it’s possibly more serious and will call the vet if needed.  Knock on wood I haven’t had an issue with her yet.   The first couple of months after surgery I relied on this and probably over used it a bit as I was still getting used to what her “new normal” would be with how she sounds. I use it less now but will always keep on hand. Also great to provide to anyone pet sitting for you so you both have piece of mind. If I take my dog anywhere for an extended time I make sure I have this with me just in case.

Please see the link  above to product &  website for more details. This site also has some wonderful natural products. I’ve also tried their Healthy Shine Shampoo and the Brilliance Coat product and they work great and smell lovely.

If you have a dog with LP that had tie back surgery, I would love to hear any tips you may have with post surgery life with your dog as I know every situation is unique.

Wishing you a lovely day…..


Link Likes This Week


Some great tips here if you have noticed your iPhone battery running out more than normal since the update How to Maximize your iPhone Battery Life With iOS 11

Also if you do have a 6S iPhone  with battery issues – check your serial number on this link to see if you are eligible for a replacement battery iPhone 6S Apple Support – check serial number

Trying this next time for that lone annoying mosquito How to Find and Kill That Single Mosquito Buzzing Around Your Room

With 3 dogs I’m always looking for solutions to the never-ending dog hair. Already ordered and waiting for delivery on this.  For $6 worth a try.      The best way to get rid of dog hair is this rubbery sponge

On the list to try next Sweet Potato Noodle Enchilada Stir Fry

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