IKEA Carafe

Ikea Vardagen Carafe with lid

I did an IKEA run this last weekend. I usually only stop by IKEA a few times a year to stock up on a few favorites.  I hadn’t noticed these before so I grabbed one to try.   I was looking for something that didn’t take up much room in the fridge to store brewed green tea and these are perfect and very inexpensive. Nice for serving water at the table as well.  Now I need to buy a few more as I like it so much. Much better than bulkier jugs. 34oz $2.99 17oz $1.99

I always make sure to stock up on  plain white paper napkins as well. FANTASTISK Paper Napkin

I’ve been planning on getting some Hemnes dressers for a guest room but decided to wait until they go on sale as it’s not an immediate need. I usually see them go on sale a few times a year with the friends & family discount.  I plan to upgrade them a bit with nicer hardware or overlays.

What are your favorite items to get at IKEA?

Wishing you a lovely day……..

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