Favorite Dog Product

Cough Drop

Cough Drop Spray

Highly recommend this spray if you have a dog that sounds like she has breathing issues sometimes. More importantly please see your vet  as soon as possible if your dog has any type of breathing issues and/or have noticed increase in labored breathing or panting.

I have a 13-year-old dog that went through throat tie back surgery earlier this year because of Laryngeal Paralysis (LP).  I keep two of these bottles in the house for quick access. I use this if she seems to be having trouble breathing or sounds like she is starting to make a regurgitating sound.  I just spray it around her in the air or on the bedding below her head and her breathing  usually returns to normal within a few minutes.  If this doesn’t help her after a few tries then I know it’s possibly more serious and will call the vet if needed.  Knock on wood I haven’t had an issue with her yet.   The first couple of months after surgery I relied on this and probably over used it a bit as I was still getting used to what her “new normal” would be with how she sounds. I use it less now but will always keep on hand. Also great to provide to anyone pet sitting for you so you both have piece of mind. If I take my dog anywhere for an extended time I make sure I have this with me just in case.

Please see the link  above to product &  website for more details. This site also has some wonderful natural products. I’ve also tried their Healthy Shine Shampoo and the Brilliance Coat product and they work great and smell lovely.

If you have a dog with LP that had tie back surgery, I would love to hear any tips you may have with post surgery life with your dog as I know every situation is unique.

Wishing you a lovely day…..


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