Link Likes This Week

Trying this easy quick-lunch recipe  this weekend from a favorite blog I read. Not sure about including grapes but will give it a try Five-Minute Curried Chicken Sandwiches

Seven 5-Minute Decluttering Projects You Can Accomplish Today  I have a kitchen junk drawer I keep meaning to organize but every time I go to do it I realize it will probably take over an hour so I stop. Going to start doing this 5 minute idea to at least make some progress finally!

Have already lost a few hours online looking after ready this article. Great article with source links Sourcing Secrets: Secondhand Scores!

Love this idea Spend Time in Front of Your House to Create Lasting Neighborhood Bonds

Hmmm..  Hadn’t heard this one before. May try it this weekend.  I have three dogs and one is always trying to get out of the bath and I end up soaked every time  Smear Peanut Butter on Your Shower Wall to Distract Your Dog in the Bath

Quick & easy. How to Clear Your Amazon Browsing History

Wishing you a lovely weekend…….

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