Link Likes This Week

Some Favorite Reads & Links from Blogs I Follow

New to Derma-Rolling  Due to subscription boxes I  already have two of these rollers. This article has great info to get started.

The Beauty Myth About Wound Care  How did I not know this.

A Minimalist DIY Fall Wreath  Love the simple clean look of this. Already have the hoop in my Amazon shopping cart.

Faux Plant Roundup Great article with sources. I have attempted the live Fiddle Leaf Fig plant twice now. While it’s been okay, I’m now leaning towards the very good faux versions that are popping up now.

……….and a favorite GO TO product that’s on sale this week for organizing your closet

The Container Store ELFA Shelf Divider  Great for organizing the top shelves in your closet. Platinum & white colors choices. I use the 12″ x 8″

Wishing you a Lovely Day….

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