Dog Love

Dogs are a big bit part of my life. I have three Labrador retrievers. All girls. Ages 13, 6 & 10 months. Three dogs is a lot most of the time, however I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When we just had one dog it was still our house. Two dogs meant they were starting to take over the house and now with three dogs it definitely became their house 100% of the time. I know you can relate if you have multiple dogs.

With each dog I learn more and there are things I wish I had done earlier and different with the older dogs. i.e. Skip the box store treat-based group obedience classes and seek out more personalized specialized classes when they are a puppy. More on that in another post – I have been doing classes with an amazing local dog training company and the results are amazing.

All in all, each day brings some new adventure from one or all of them. I wouldn’t have it any other way even if it does mean I probably need to sign up for direct deposit at my Vet sometimes.

Wishing you a lovely day…


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